The Cat on the Shoulder

by mc

Vintage photo of a cat latching on to a man's shoulder.

Cat latching on for dear life, likely 1920s

There must be literally millions of snapshots of people with their dogs, but you see far fewer of cats. Felines were still a popular subject, though, and for obvious reasons you see them being held in some fashion by their owners more often than with dogs. Here are a couple (the second being a detail of a larger photo — in the full shot the cat is a little too small to really see well). Personally my cat likes to sit on my shoulder (I have held – and carried – him that way since finding him abandoned in the street at about 3 weeks of age, so he is used to it), but not all take so kindly to such a perch.

Vintage snapshot of woman with a cat on her shoulder.

Woman holding young cat, likely 1920s