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West of Prescott, Arizona

“West of Prescott, Ariz. – Aug. 5, 1959”

The world just used to be a better color, I guess.

A 1960s Christmas

quirky odd 1960s vintage Christmas family poses with toy dog and closed-eyes cat

Labeled “Xmas 1966” on the back (click to enlarge)

Better late than never. This is one of my all-time favorites–especially the closed-eyes cat–and another example of how there really is nothing quite like a snapshot.

Portraits: “Missouri”


Missouri Pride, c 1920s (click to enlarge)

Perhaps not the best advertisement for the state.


Vintage snapshot of 1950s family, with boy's face a blur

Classic 1950s family, Laura Scudder’s chips, Sun Valley, CA, May, 1957 (click to enlarge)

I’m not sure exactly what the imposing controls were used for (I can’t make out the abbreviation on the back, though the date, city and name of the family — Schepler — are clear). I assume, in any case, that the boy was quite pleased with himself when he saw this.

A Blowout

1950s family at birthday party, kids blowing out candles on cake

The excitement builds, c 1950s (click to enlarge)

There’s just so much to like here, but my favorite is the boy with the glasses towards the upper left.

Merry Christmas from the Pipkins

Television-themed Christmas photo card from the 1950s

Christmas card, c 1950s

In the Background

1920s photograph of females embracing, small girl in far background

The girl in the corner, circa 1920s (click to enlarge)

I often find it intriguing when there is a person in the background who is captured (usually) by chance – such as the young girl tucked away near the corner of the house, looking towards the camera (which you can make out more clearly when you enlarge the image).

A Bird Named Dicky

Vintage (circa 1910s) photograph of a boy and his caged bird posed on their porch.

Unnamed boy with a bird named Dicky (1918)

A boy, a bird, and an open door – as well as, presumably, a mother overseeing things to the left. Oddly, in the many shots in which he appears in the photo album from which this was taken the youngster is always identified as “Boy,” while the little bird has a name.

The Leaning Family

Vintage photo of a family at home at Christmas

Left-leaning family, 1950s

A family posing at Christmastime. There are a million of these, but this one just has that certain something in my view.

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