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A 1960s Christmas

quirky odd 1960s vintage Christmas family poses with toy dog and closed-eyes cat

Labeled “Xmas 1966” on the back (click to enlarge)

Better late than never. This is one of my all-time favorites–especially the closed-eyes cat–and another example of how there really is nothing quite like a snapshot.

Best Wishes for 2016


Bird Dog, circa 1950s

Christmas is Still a Time of Peace

Vintage 1970s color snapshot of 2 kids at Christmastime

Peace, circa 1970s

It’s time, I feel, to revisit one of my favorite Christmas shots ever (originally posted in 2011 as “Christmas is a Time of Peace”).¬†Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Vintage snapshot of older man displaying his Christmas present, a bottle of Old Spice

Old Spice at Christmas (c 1960s)

Christmas morning, covered with presents. Old Spice, taken out of the box to display. I love this one. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Pipkins

Television-themed Christmas photo card from the 1950s

Christmas card, c 1950s

Christmas is a Time of Peace

Vintage 1970s color photo of 2 kids at Christmastime

Peace, circa 1970s

I wonder if she tired of that guy after a while.

The Leaning Family

Vintage photo of a family at home at Christmas

Left-leaning family, 1950s

A family posing at Christmastime. There are a million of these, but this one just has that certain something in my view.

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