Vintage Snapshots

the wondrous world of vernacular photography

On Stage

In the shadows, circa 1950s


Nutty chicken leaps on sleeping man
Fowl, circa 1980s/90s

Somehow, I feel this captures a little of 2020’s vibe so far…

#funny #colorsnapshot #quirky #animals #chicken



Duck, 1973

Happy New Year


Skateboarding, 1965 (click to enlarge)


The Windup

1940s/'50s snapshot photograph of black boy in baseball pitching pose

Pitcher, circa 1950s (click to enlarge)



Funny vintage sna[shot man seems to have fountain emerging from head

Circa 1920s (click to enlarge)


Another in the “backgrounds” series.




circa 1960s (click to enlarge)

Just Great


Pretty Good: Restaurant + Mustang, 1966 (click to enlarge)

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Vintage photo with

Circa 1950s (click to enlarge)

It’s not true. Happy 2017.

A 1960s Christmas

quirky odd 1960s vintage Christmas family poses with toy dog and closed-eyes cat

Labeled “Xmas 1966” on the back (click to enlarge)

Better late than never. This is one of my all-time favorites–especially the closed-eyes cat–and another example of how there really is nothing quite like a snapshot.

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