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Month: August, 2011

More Shadow

Vintage photo of a dog standing on the luggage box of a car.

Dog with Shadow (1920s)

Apart from the fact that that might be a French bulldog – I’m not sure – this could be seen as a pretty “American” image, with the car, dog and Coke sign. Interestingly, though, it looks like this photographer was holding the camera to their face, not at waist level as in the previous post’s photos.


Vintage snapshot of a a couple kissing, with photographer shadow

Kiss with Shadow (1940s)

Something you often see in vintage snapshots is not just a shadow cast by the photographer, but one in which you can tell they are looking down through the camera rather than holding it to their face. That was, of course, just the way a lot of cameras were configured at the time. It also resulted – however slightly – in a different perspective, with the camera at waist height rather than the height of the subjects’ heads. I think you can see that here. Just another thing that gives these old images a little bit of their charm.

I also love this one, with its partial shadow, where you again can see the arms holding the camera at waist level.

Vintage photo of a happy couple on tree stump, with photographer shadow.

Couple (1920s)


The Office

Vintage photo of an office in the 1950s.

An office in the 1950s

It sure is a reminder of how thoroughly times have changed to see a photo of an office from before the computer era. Just typewriters, telephones and paper, that’s about all you see. There were probably a few more ashtrays, too. I bet they actually probably got more done in some ways.

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