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Month: September, 2012


Vintage photo of a person diving into a lake, circa 1905

Diver, circa 1905 (click to enlarge)

Vintage photos of people diving (or sometimes just jumping) into pools or lakes or other bodies of water are not all that uncommon, but the last post’s sort of poetic, distant view, and the one above, are a little more interesting than most, I think. Also note the person at right watching.

The Waning Days of Summer

Vintage photo of person leaping from New Jersey bridge, circa 1910s, while their friends look on

Township Bridge, Palmyra, New Jersey (circa 1918)

Dueling Cameras

Great c. 1920s vintage photo of a couple pointing their Kodak cameras at each other

Brownie battle (c. 1920s)

The camera in at least the woman’s hand in this great shot looks to me to be a 1920s Kodak Brownie No. 3, Model B. According to what I have found online, the camera was produced from 1908 – 1934, but the trigger guard visible below her thumb was added to the Model B from 1920 – and the rest appears to match that particular camera, as shown below.

Detail of woman holding a Kodak Brownie camera

The way it used to work

Kodak Brownie No. 3, Model B

Kodak’s Brownie No. 3, Model B

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