Vintage Snapshots

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Category: Interior Scenes

“Still Life”

Odd, dreamy abstract photo of a framed portrait next to a bunny figure sitting on a table

Abstract interior scene, circa 1940s

Christmas is a Time of Peace

Vintage 1970s color photo of 2 kids at Christmastime

Peace, circa 1970s

I wonder if she tired of that guy after a while.

The Leaning Family

Vintage photo of a family at home at Christmas

Left-leaning family, 1950s

A family posing at Christmastime. There are a million of these, but this one just has that certain something in my view.

The Office

Vintage photo of an office in the 1950s.

An office in the 1950s

It sure is a reminder of how thoroughly times have changed to see a photo of an office from before the computer era. Just typewriters, telephones and paper, that’s about all you see. There were probably a few more ashtrays, too. I bet they actually probably got more done in some ways.

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