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O.K. Tire Shop, Dickinson, North Dakota

Vintage snapshot of woman on the street in small town in North Dakota

Heating, tires and Texaco, Dickinson, ND (c 1940s)

A Blowout

1950s family at birthday party, kids blowing out candles on cake

The excitement builds, c 1950s (click to enlarge)

There’s just so much to like here, but my favorite is the boy with the glasses towards the upper left.

A Snapshot

Vintage snapshot of a snapshot being made

Posing for a snapshot, c 1960s (click to enlarge)

“In the Badlands”

Vintage '30s snapshot of lonesome road in The Badlands

Somewhere in the Dakotas, August 1934


Quirky vintage c. 1960s photo of a woman eating, with Coke bottle and cat-eys glasses

Caught unawares, or just uncooperative? (c. 1960s)


vintage photo of two bulldogs looking out from the windows of their owner's 1960s station wagon.

Average cost of a new car in 1967: $2,750; average price of a gallon of gas: 33 cents; hitting the road for a day out with those guys: priceless.

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