by mc

Vintage snapshot of a baby who appears to have a halo and bottle sticking out of his head

Quite a kid (circa 1940s)

Another in the “background” series, I love how this baby’s head seems both to be surrounded by a halo and to have a bottle sticking out of it. This was found in the Bay Area and was likely taken somewhere in San Francisco or the East Bay. I wonder if any trace of the sign remains. There is something appealing about the old signs that were hand-painted on buildings (as this was one was; you can see the lines of the siding running through it), and there are several websites devoted to ones that remain, sometimes called “ghost signs.”

Here is a link to a 2005 New York Times article on them, and some nice examples can be found on this flickr page, titled “Vanishing Beauty.”

Here is a close-up of Coke baby.

Detail of baby with Coca-cola bottle 'emerging' from head

Drink Coca-Cola