City Views: KFQD Radio in Anchorage, Alaska

by mc

Old photo of KFQD Radio in Anchorage, Alaska, circa 1940s

KFQD: “The Voice of the Golden North” (circa 1946)

This is a circa 1940s shot of the premises of KFQD Radio in Anchorage. KFQD still exists, and was, according to its website, the first radio station in Alaska, having begun broadcasting in 1924. Funnily enough, they actually have a similar photo on their “About Us” page, part of which I have reproduced below. In case you are dying to know, the window to the left sports a sign for Ed Coffey Insurance, and the one on the right says “Airways Office.”

Screenshot from the KFQD website, showing an old snapshot of the front of the station

A snowy day at KFQD, from the station’s website